Writing workshop 19 October: Language Labyrinths

Writing workshop 19 October: Language Labyrinths

When: Thursday 19 October 2017 at 18:00

Where: Veranda at Luckan, Georgsgatan, Helsingfors

Welcome to an exciting writing workshop!

Discover how you can express yourself in elegant finlandssvenska. Learn more about unwritten rules in Swedish-language communication. Together with author Sabira Ståhlberg we will write different types of letters and texts.

Sabira Ståhlberg has lived in a dozen countries and writes in several languages. She researches multilingual topics and cultural encounters. Sabira has published more than thirty books in different genres, including Easy Reads, children’s books, prose, poetry, culinary books and scientific articles and monographs. She also teaches creativity and creative writing and works internationally as a trainer for migrants in cultural adaptation.

Organized with support from Svenska Kulturfonden.

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