Three Easy Reads about ecology

Three new Easy Read books tell about pollution in the earth, air and water. Read more on Bokpil and Lecti Book Studio websites and find the books in Lecti Bookshop.


Find in the earth

A solar storm wipes out all computers and digital knowledge.The archaeologists dig in the earth for valuable information and precious metals.

Can they help humanity to return to life before the storm? Others are also interested about the findings in the earth…

Easy Read level 2 – easier

Fly in the wind

Ashes from a volcano fills the air in the town. The TV sends out a team to film the eruption. But the town is burning and someone has stolen a very important statue.

Soon life is at stake. Dangerous things are flying in the wind…

Easy Read level 2 – easier

Float on the wave

Ron D2 is a diver. He collects information about the state of the oceans.

It is not always easy to dive into the depths. All kinds of things float on the ocean waves. Ron has to be careful. The smallest dangers are the sharks…

Easy Read level 2 – easier