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  • Chuvash. Encyclopedia of the World’s Minorities 2005.
  • Salt of life, salt of death. Salination of deserts in Central Asia and China. Tuz kitabı 2004.
  • Die mongolischen Schriften. Hieroglyphen Alphabete Schriftreformen 2004 (with D. Borchers)
  • Gansu. Das grosse China-Lexikon 2003.
  • The Central Asian-Chinese ethnic melting pot: the case of the Gansu Corridor. Post-Soviet Central Asia 1998
  • Der Gansu-Korridor: Barbarenland diesseits und jenseits der Grossen Chinesischen Mauer: zum Nord-Süd-Dialog eines zentralasiatischen Gebietes 1996

Ethnobiology (with Ingvar Svanberg)

  • Glimpses of Loptuq Folk Botany: Phytonyms and Plant Knowledge in Sven Hedin’s Herbarium Notes from the Lower Tarim River Area as a Source for Ethnobiological Research. (with Ingvar Svanberg and Patrick Hällzon) Studia Orientalia Electronica

  • Keeping birds as domestic pest control. Aviculture: a history. Eds. Ingvar Svanberg and Daniel Möller. Hancock House Publishers 2018
  • Killing wolves with lichens: wolf lichen, Letharia vulpina (L.) Hue, in Scandinavian folk biology. Svenska landsmål och svenskt folkliv 2017
  • When is a foraging society? The Loplyk in the Tarim Basin. Hunter-gatherers in a changing world. Springer 2017.
  • Wildmen in Central Asia. Anthropos 2017
  • A Russian Polar Bear in Stockholm in the Seventeenth Century. SLÅ 2016
  • Orangutans never made it to Uppsala: notes on Asian great apes in captivity. SLÅ 2015.
  • Among fishermen and horse nomads: Johan Peter Falck in Russia and Siberia 1768–1774. Pioneers in European Ethnobiology 2014
  • Wild animals in Russian, Siberian and Central Asian households according to eighteenth-century travel reports. Journal de la Société Finno-Ougrienne 2012
  • Gathering dog’s tooth (Erythronium sibiricum) in Siberia. Journal de la Société Finno-Ougrienne 2012
  • Catching basking ide, Leuciscus idus (L.), in the Baltic Sea: Fishing and local knowledge in the Finnish and Swedish archipelagos. Journal of Northern Studies 2011
  • Gathering food from rodent nests in Siberia. Journal of Ethnobiology 2010
  • Loplyk fishermen: Ecological adaptation in the Taklamakan Desert. Anthropos 2010
  • Sarana in Eurasian Folk Botany. Journal de la Société Finno-Ougrienne 2006


  • Tatars in Sweden (with I. Svanberg), Tatars in Saint Petersburg (with R. Bekkin), Muslim Tatar Minorities in the Baltic Sea Region 2016
  • Tatars in the Baltic Sea region. Ingvar Svanberg and Sabira Ståhlberg, in Baltic Rim Economies (2/2017, PDF 3MB)
  • Karl Emil Ståhlberg 2013
    Web exhibition about K.E. Ståhlberg
  • Exhibition about K.E. Ståhlberg – can be ordered


Easy Reads – read more on Bokpil

  • Miranda
  • Philip in the tunnel
  • Philip on the ship
  • Philip at the airport
  • Philip at the zoo
  • Philip in the forest
  • Philip and the snow
  • Philip and the net
  • Philip and the fog
  • Chased by wolves
  • The quest for Kraken
  • Follow the bird
  • Hugo’s history
  • Find in the earth
  • Fly in the wind
  • Float on the wave
  • The key in the book
  • The heart of the cook

In Bulgarian

  • Миранда
  • Филип в тунела
  • Филип на кораб
  • Филип на летището
  • Филип в зоопарка
  • Филип в гората