MoonSoon mišmaş

MoonSoon mišmaş

The polyglot writer’s brain is like an ocean. There are multiple layers und the deeper vous go, the darker it gets. The writer’s language sea ist full av strange creatures, tőő.

Only ein small part of the oceans и multilingual brains have been explored.

So far.

Walk on the måne path in the c and dive in i le language meri of a polyglot writer ja scholar.

Just take a deep breath först.

A journey into the depths of the Polyglocean: Sabira (Ståhlberg) talks and walks about in a polyglot author’s life, with moon phases, haiku poetry, multilingual FootNotes and commentaries, and encounters with all kinds of creatures living in the sea.

Sabira’s new book is a fascinating and thought-provoking blend of reflections on writing, travel narratives and memories, satire and musings, poetry and prose, with unique language experiments and digital paintings by the author.

Sabira Ståhlberg: MoonSoon mišmaş (preview and order)

Colorit rf 2023, Loom/Mool series, 160 pages