Glimpses of Loptuq folk botany

Phytonyms (plant names) and other ethnobiological aspects of vegetation in the Loptuq (Loplik) habitat are discussed in a new article by Ingvar Svanberg, Patrick Hällzon and Sabira Ståhlberg, published in Studia Orientalia Electronica. The Loptuq, a Turkic-speaking group, lived as fisher-foragers in the Lopnor (Lop Lake) area in eastern Central Asia.

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Svanberg, I., Hällzon, P., & Ståhlberg, S. (2019). Glimpses of Loptuq Folk Botany: Phytonyms and Plant Knowledge in Sven Hedin’s Herbarium Notes from the Lower Tarim River Area as a Source for Ethnobiological Research. Studia Orientalia Electronica, 7, 96-119.