More than two dozen pedagogical Easy to Read books on various topics – from social interaction such as friendship, bullying, responsibility to natural sciences, environmental issues, artificial intelligence and a lot more.

All these Easy to Read books are available as free e-books on Ellibs (find direct links on Villa Bokpil) and the newest on Villa Bokpil.

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  • Miranda
  • Philip in the tunnel
  • Philip on the ship
  • Philip at the airport
  • Philip at the zoo
  • Philip in the forest
  • Philip and the snow
  • Philip and the net
  • Philip and the fog
  • Philip and the shadow
  • Chased by wolves
  • The quest for Kraken
  • Follow the bird
  • Hugo’s history
  • Find in the earth
  • Fly in the wind
  • Float on the wave
  • The key in the book
  • The heart of the cook
  • Fix the focus
  • Catch the eye
  • Multicoloured book
  • Philip and the spider
  • The palm and the spy