Easy Reads

Mira is a girl who is being mobbed at school. She loses her keys and when she goes there to look for them, she finds a dolphin called Miranda.

Philip is a guy who cannot leave his mobile phone for a second. When he gets into trouble the phone does not work and he has to find a way out without any help.bokpil1_en

There are five Philip-books in English and Bulgarian – in Swedish the books are eight. Read more about Easy Reads at Bokpil.

  • Miranda
  • Philip in the tunnel
  • Philip on the ship
  • Philip at the airport
  • Philip at the zoo
  • Philip in the forestbokpil1_bg

In Bulgarian:

  • Миранда
  • Филип в тунела
  • Филип на кораб
  • Филип на летището
  • Филип в зоопарка
  • Филип в гората